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Cajun Haven RV Park: April New Letter

It has been a wet and nasty first month. We have met some great people and are excited about the things coming to your park. We would like to share with you, what we have done this month and some of the plans we have for the Cajun Haven RV Park.

1st Month Progress:

  • We have ordered a new internet system that will be broadcasted throughout the park. This should solve the internet problem.

  • Have asked non compliant residence to leave the park and prepared to ask more non compliant residence to leave.

  • We have ordered a 28 camera security system that will help with potential theft.

  • We have ordered a 12x40 metal building washeteria to include new commercial grade washers and dryers.

  • Additionally, we have ordered another 12x40 metal building to convert into a new and clean bath house.

  • We removed numerous eyesores from the park which included:

    • old swing set from the pond

    • abandoned shed next to office

    • fixed electrical problems around the office

    • damaged picnic areas when you entering the park

    • 25 to 30 trailer loads of trash to the landfill

    • trimmed overhung tree limbs and had them removed

We encourage everyone to help us clean-up and remove unwanted or just trash around their area. If you need something hauled away or just some help, please let Killer know and he will arrange for someone to help you get it to the landfill. This will be Free of Charge. This one is on me. Those of you who do not clean-up will eventually be asked to leave. Our commitment is to the residents that want a clean, family friendly environment that they are proud to call home.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Have the washeteria and bath house operational

  • Internet and wifi system in place and working

  • Lighting of the back rows

  • Camera system in place

  • New culverts, ditches and drainage

  • Total rehabilitation of the front and pond lots which include plumbing, electrical, and water

  • Road improvements with the possibility of asphalting the entrance and front row

  • Currently working with the Postmaster to get a functional postal sorting program, so you don’t have to wait for your mail

  • We have not ruled out fixing the pavilion, just currently drainage and other projects will take precedence. Give us some time and we will develop future plans to improve the pavilion.

Although we have made some progress, we still have a long way to go. We need your patience and understanding in this transition period. Biggest thing you can do is to help us with the cleanest of the park. Pick-up around your area, talk to Killer if you need help, and encourage everyone to be mindful of their area. We are here to help and communication is key. If you have questions or need some help please feel free to contact Killer. With your help, we look forward to building a new and improved Cajun Haven RV Park.

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates!!

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