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Cajun Haven Cat Update

Cajun Haven RV Park is proud to announce that all the cats rescued are making a full recovery and efforts are ongoing to spay and neuter the remaining cats.

To date:

  • (7) Seven cats have been spayed or neutered

  • One cat had to get his eye removed but is making a full recovery

  • One cat had intestinal surgery and is also making a full recovery

  • One cat had a severe eye infection. He is recovering but might lose his eyesight. As of this morning he is happy and playful.

Ten cats in Cajun Haven RV Park have been helped. Only through donations and people volunteering have these cats received the attention and help they needed. The spay and neuter program will continue but we do need donations to have every cat spayed and or neutered.

Big thanks to everyone who donated and supports the well being of animals.

Gratefully for Starla and all the support she has given. If you like to make a donation you can go to her fundraiser page or Venmo her directly.

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