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Cat Update

Here at Cajun Haven RV Park in Egan, La we are committed to saving as many resident cats as we can. We believe in the fair treatment of all animals. We have attempted to spade and/or neuter as many cats as we can. We catch and provide them with medication and prevention of fleas and ticks.

We have currently taken care of 14 cats

10- Cats have been spayed an neutered and released back at Cajun Haven RV Park.

1- Cat had intestinal surgery

2- Cats with eyes issues

1- Cat was in poor condition and was adopted by a family to ensure the cat would make a 100% recovery.

Unfortunately Hope did lose one eye but happy to announce she has made a full recovery. Please view the release of 3 cats back home at Cajun Haven RV Park.

We are on a mission to protect and save all the cats at Cajun Haven RV Park. Working closely with the Wild Cat Foundation of Lafayette to find ways to better the lives of all the cats of Cajun Haven RV Park. You see a cat with a tipped ear that means they have been spayed or neutered.

If you like to help we have more information at the bottom of this update.

Cajun Haven RV Park has the friendliest cats. We have taken large steps to ensure the health and well being of each animal. This guy has been fixed and up to date on all his shots.


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If you like to help we are accepting donations through Starla Gladden. She help coordinate with Wild Cat Foundation. They are in need of assistance. Any little amount does help.

It cost approximately $60 to spade or neuter and to get updated shots. You can venmo her directly and put Cajun Haven Cat. Below you will find her venmo information.

You can scan with your phone or type in directly. Thanks for all the help

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