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Cajun Haven RV Park: June Newletter

It continues to rain which has slowed down some of the amenities we want to add. We are happy to announce the WiFi and Security Cameras have been put up. We want to continue to remind people to pick-up around your area and encourage everyone to be mindful of your neighbor.

Picture 1: New upgraded internet and security Cameras: You might have seen some poles put up through out the park. This is our new Security Camera and upgraded WiFI. The wifi speed should be much faster and easily connected. If you do not have the pass word come up to the front and we will get you connected. The security cameras is monitored 24 hours. This is for the safety of all Cajun Haven RV Park Residents.

We need your help:

We need everyone to fill-out an information sheet and sign a monthly lease. If you have not done so please come to the front office. We don’t want to have to track you down. Thanks for your cooperation.

Also, we encourage everyone to help us clean-up and remove unwanted or just trash around their area.

Location of Washeteria: Clean-Up efforts are on going. This will be the location of the new Washeteria. We are hoping to start the progress in the next few weeks. If we can get a few days of no rain.

Coming Soon:

  • In the upcoming weeks you should see the progress of the new washeteria and bath house.

  • Currently working with the Postmaster to get a functional postal sorting program, so you don’t have to wait for your mail

Things to Come:

  • Lighting of the back rows

  • New culverts, ditches and drainage

  • Total rehabilitation of the front and pond lots which include plumbing, electrical, and water

  • Road improvements with the possibility of asphalting the entrance and front row

  • We have not ruled out fixing the pavilion, just currently drainage and other projects will take precedence. Give us some time and we will develop future plans to improve the pavilion

You can Start Following Us now:

Facebook Page: Click the picture



Facebook Group: Cajun Haven RV Park Neighborhood Page: Must be a resident of Cajun Haven RV Park.

Safety and cleanness are still top priorities. We are working very closely with the power company to get quotes on fixing and adding lighting. Thanks everyone for your continued support. We are dedicated to improving Cajun Haven RV Park for the betterment of all Residents. We all thank you for your understanding through this transition.

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